Monday, December 16, 2013

My favorite Christmas layout in ages.

I saw an example of this layout made up online somewhere 2 months ago,  I printed the example out because it really struck me how much I liked it and knew I would want to make one using the same design.    I picked out my background paper (even though in this picture your really can't see it and also the center musical paper.   It set on my side desk all this time waiting for just the right picture.
Last month I went ahead and figured out what size I would need for the squares and decided I would just do red and green and then cut a few example fonts and sizes of the numbers.   Made my notes of what to do when the time came.    Then late last week my daughter in law posted this picture on my grandkids outside during the "snow day" in Dallas,TX on Dec. 9th.   I knew this would be the picture to use.   I have been out of town for a week to NY for a niece's wedding so I was anxious to make this layout as soon as I got home.    I was so glad to find out the Whimsical Twist - December/Holiday project challenge was still open and I would have time to make my layout today and enter it.
You can check out the challenge     HERE   They have a great prize with the challenge for a $15 Gift Certificate for their store.

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