Friday, September 15, 2006

more pics

And now for more

1. Bruce with an attitude after we called him stupid for leaving Chicago tickets at home after we were 90 min. into the trip !!

2. 3 happy and full tummies after dinner in Chicago at Brazilian Steak house. At this point all still smiling because we have the tickets for the golf the next day and the Murano is still running.

3. It is called Labor Day because it must be a full day of labor that requires napping at days end. Or was this also caused by Jungle Juice comsumption????

Picture titles

WOW it actually worked, I got pictures on here again. So since it worked here are the titles for pics in previous blog

1. Proud Papa and Kai
2. The complete happy family.
3. The MEN
4. Smiling grandma with Kai
5. Jason trying to be incognito from jungle juice.

Newest news

Leslie says I need to update so here goes.

As of today I own a new car its a 2006 Kia Amanti, pearlized white color with gray leather interior. We still have the Lincoln, but we got an awesome deal to get out of the Murano so we jumped. The Murano had 101,000 miles on it and our traveling wasn't slowing down. We did pay to get the new drive axle fixed after the mishap in Chicago and thought all was well, but a week ago while going out to lunch with Bruce he heard another new sound, we all listened and heard it and basically could feel it too. Thus again to shop and its the rear differential going out, we put new differtial oil in to see if that would fix it but alas it didnt. So instead of another $1300 repair we fell into this great deal with the Kia and took it. We really love the look of the car and the drive is very smooth and quiet. We will pick it up Tuesday morning before we head out for Mississippi again.

The other good news is that Monday night I get to go back to St. Louis with Bruce he has tickets for the Eric Clapton concert. I can't wait I'm so excited. So sorry you didn't want to go Zack, so now I can go :) :) :)
We have 6th row center seats, should be awesome. John Mayer and Sheryl Crow were good but Eric Clapton, nothing can beat that. Leslie I know you agree, the concert we went to was fantastic. I told you I was jealous of you going in Toronto, now I get to go too.

Will try and post more often. Love to everyone