Friday, September 15, 2006

more pics

And now for more

1. Bruce with an attitude after we called him stupid for leaving Chicago tickets at home after we were 90 min. into the trip !!

2. 3 happy and full tummies after dinner in Chicago at Brazilian Steak house. At this point all still smiling because we have the tickets for the golf the next day and the Murano is still running.

3. It is called Labor Day because it must be a full day of labor that requires napping at days end. Or was this also caused by Jungle Juice comsumption????


  1. i will comment to myself, i first typed in titles and then added pics in that order, but.........didn't seem to post that way. Well at least give me an E for effort

  2. bruce looks like cadence when he is flipping you off

  3. You're behind on updates to your blog too! (as are Jason and Susan). How about a photo of your new car, or your super-skinny starved cat, or...