Saturday, February 24, 2007

nothing new

I haven't checked any blogs in weeks but tonight I see Cadence has posted along with very cute pictures.

So I thought I should at least add a note here. There is nothing new going on.

We are still traveling for work every week to Mississippi. I am getting a lot of cross stitch work done and as the the daylight hours stay longer I'll get even more done.

I have become addicted to the game Jewel Quest Solitaire, you can ask Arthur, every spare minute I'm home I'm playing that game. Now he has ordered me a power cord so I can take the spare laptop we have that has the game on it, in the car with me and play even more. Now that I find exciting.

News from Cimarron Dr. is that we have a new ceiling fan and light in the breakfast room. It is really pretty and looks so much different than the old gray fan and light that was there. The other change is that I bought new dishes today. Service for 8 for a whopping $60. today at Wal-Mart. I couldn't pass up the bargain, because I really like the dishes.

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours, emptying the hot tub, cleaning it, moving it out about 1 foot from the back wall of deck and installing a lift for the cover, so I don't have to pull it off  each time and stand it on the deck, now it will just open and stand up at the back of the hot tub. It will be so much more convenient. Then we refilled the hot tub and put in all the chemicals to shock it for new water. Came inside to relax and think about all the good stuff we had accomplished for the day. Walked outside 10 minutes later and then all hell broke lose, there was a leak on the line for the main pump and all water was pouring out. Well after a lot of heartache and angry words.  Thought and thought and planned and planned and today  bought a small brass fitting of some sort and with the use of it, some sealant and a hair dryer, it is supposedly fixed. Now we won't know for sure till tomorrow. The sealant has to sit up overnight and then we will refill tomorrow and see what happens. Believe me I want it to work. But if not we are going to the home show tomorrow and then we will look at new hot tubs.

Ok, I've bored you to death, but David and Cat are here doing their income tax on the computer on our turbo tax software and I can't get to the lap top to play my solitaire game so I took this opportunity to bore all of you that have read this far.