Monday, June 26, 2006

Cimarron House

Here are a few pictures of the Cimarron house all painted and moved into.

We are really excited to be here and loving it.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

testing with picture

Well I think it worked. So here is cheers to all the Aussie bunch, Bruce and Zack included since they are now on their way.

Now that I think I understand this I'll post more pics later in the weekend.

Last year was a great trip to OZ. Thank you!!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The move is complete

I am now at home at 2405 Cimarron Dr. WOW !!! My back hurts, my feet and ankles are killing me and I'm exhausted but basically in 36 hrs from the moment the movers showed up at old address till the last picture was hung and box emptied, everything is complete.

Honestly it was exactly 36 hours from beginning to end. We are all sore but happy to have it all done, I have had Ibuprofen for breakfast and evening appetizer to get thru it all but  basically still standing.
I actually used the hot tub last night and didn't drown, but it was fantastic.

Happy Fathers Day to everyone, that included you Jason because you are almost there. Bruce and Dad are coming over this afternoon and we are going to cook out. Have two big pork tenderloins to grill. Have a new grill but so far have had no luck in getting it to ignite so I guess that is a "maybe" we are going to cook out.

When I take the time to download pictures and learn to post here I'll add some house pics.

Love you all.