Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is it merry ole London or rainy ole London???

barb's blab
Maybe it's both, I am having a merry time, but we haven't gone 2 hours without at least a sprinkle of rain. At the present we are in our bed and breakfast here in Oxford until dinner time and it is now bright and sunny outside, but still extremely windy. Today's adventure started with breakfast at 7:30 then on to pick up Leslie and travel approx. 70 miles by car, in a car that at most should hold 5 people, better at 4 people, but we had our happy party of 6 in it. Adventure to Stonehenge begins. Truely it was fun, pictures do not do it justice.

Yesterday was the walking tour of Oxford.....now if you like old stone architecture, then this is the place to be. I have taken so many great pictures, you don't know which way to turn and see the next site. A fantastic place.

London was fast and furious and also fabulous, we saw Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, a 20 min. brief National Art Gallery walk thru, Picadilly Square, Coventry Gardens, Big Ben, Westminster, River Thames, Millenum Wheel, Harrods, and I'm sure more. Did I mention we probably stopped and got off at every subway stop and walked back and forth to all these locales? We walked until we couldn't walk anymore and then walked some more. But it was worth every step. No telling when if ever I will be back so glad to see it all.
On to Amsterdam tomorrow, via train leaving at 7:55 from London, which we are a 90 min. bus ride away from, and we are dragging all our luggage. Our hopeful plan is to find a place to rent storage for luggage at the train station and travel very lightly on to Amsterdam for the last 3 days and then pick up the extras Sat. when we come back. Wish us luck, it will save a lot of unpleasantry if we can leave the majority of our load behind for a few days.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Chicago Chicago what a wonderful town

barb's blab
If you have read Bruces update you will see why we are in Chicago. If all had gone as originally planned we would be landing in merry old London in 25 minutes.....but instead here we sit in the O'Hare Hilton, bored out of our minds, having read all our packed reading material and everyone napped for 2 or more hours. We will now depart at 10:00 p.m. tonight. 5 1/2 hours after we should have landed in London.
Oh but on the positive note we have for the 5 of us a $50 food voucher to use at the airport. That means we can each buy 2 candy bars........ :)
Stay tuned for more developments.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Question for the KC connection

I won't go into details but per my early phone call from Jason.......................

Will I be a Mother-In-Law first or a Grandmother ???

That is all I will say, I'll let you two post and make the annoucement you have :)

I'm sure what I just wrote, won't give anyone any clues of anything.

Love you both.

Note to Lippy

Dearest Lippy,

I was going to write something at midnight last night when we got home from Mississippi, but couldn't get anything to work right.
But it would have been something like this................

My most dearest Leslie,
Here is a new post. It is MIDNIGHT, I got up at 6:00 had breakfast at 6:30, was at work at 7:30, at 4:00 we left Oxford, MS, without a break all day, had lunch at 4:10 and then drove 7 1/2 hours to Columbia. Oh yeah, dinner was a McDonalds milkshake some where in Arkansas.
Enough of this frivolity, now I have a good 1 1/2 of work to do here, to finish our day and then I'm going to bed. No I am not bitchy, no I am not tired, I'm just trying to make my little girl happy.

Love, MOM "Our commanding sense of humor must run in the family" :)

Saturday, March 4, 2006

barb's blab

Home again after another 10 days of road life. Back from North Carolina, the "last trip" is suppose to be in mid-April. Ha ha ha, I'll believe it when I see it.
My last post last week about the day from hell may repeat itself next Wed. when one of the "hellish" clients returns. This is one we couldn't see because he was 2 hrs late to appt, and he and I got into a small heated argument, but I won, we didn't see him and I called his examiner at DDS and rated out on him for being beligerent and a bold faced liar. Oh well, will see how his attitude is next week and if he shows up on time.
N.C. was beautiful this week, sunny skies, warm weather, but then it was that here in mid - MO too, soon, every day will be like that. At least the days are getting longer, don't have to get up in the dark and get out of work in the dark.
Bruce is victim of the leach attack and had a bloody sock picture to send me, I guess I should have taken a pix of my thumb that I slashed on a razor blade when I put my hand in my toiletries bag. I bled too. :(
As you can read, life is exciting, glad I got to share with all of you.