Wednesday, October 7, 2020

So Cute at 29 months


I'm several months behind on these monthly layouts of Elle but I'm catching up...     I'll be using this at   "LASTING MEMORIES"   for challenge #518

Year 3 Week 22 6/22-6/28


Week 126 complete! It rained so much this weekend all my plans had to change, but I still had fun and had an excuse to jump in every puddle I could find! I went to Papa’s and played in the front yard with my ball. On Sunday, I had my last Tinkergarten class. I was still the quietest one in the group, but I still love going.  We played in mud this weekend which was a blast. The rest of the week I just helped Mom and Dad fix up the house for our upcoming out of town guests (I built a daybed!), took the puppies on lots of walks, and played games on the family room floor with the rents. I really do love my new house. Oh and I caught yet another cold at school.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t stay around too long. My book obsession is getting a bit out of control when we realized I have more books piled up next to my chair to read than I have on my bookshelves, so now every night we put all the books away and then I get to choose four books to read each night. I like this new ritual as long as I get to read “If you give a cat a cupcake” book every night last right before we turn off the 

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  1. How cute! Wonderful mix of pinks and love the decorative strip under the photo! Thanks so much for joining us at Lasting Memories! ~Deanna :)