Monday, October 23, 2017

Pumpkins not just for dessert

A couple of weekends when I was visiting my daughter and my son-in-law (the cook of the family) described what he wanted to make for dinner Saturday night, to say I was skeptical would be an understatement.     But WOW it was so good.   I told all my scrappy on-line friends about it after I got home and they wanted the recipe so while I was typing it out I thought I would make a layout about it.    I'm even going to suggest to my son-in-law that he should make it again for Thanksgiving as a side dish, you can leave out the sausage and add spinach or peas or something and make it strictly vegetarian.     I have two challenges to use this for.

I had the challenge #138  at  "THE PAPER GIRL CHALLENGE"   I decided it would work for that challenge as the challenge is Pumpkin Spice and what that means to me.   Well let me tell you now I can still smell that spicy aroma of the pumpkin cooking and then the great taste.   YUM.

Here is the link to "THE PAPER GIRL CHALLENGE"

Challenge #138 - Pumpkin Spice

Hello Karrie  here again.  Happy Fall!
I am not exactly sure what the precise meaning of "pumpkin spice" is, but it seems to be a pretty mainstream fall term these days.  Is it a colour? That dark warm orange?  A flavor?
Like baking with cinnamon and cloves?   A scent? Like sitting by the woodstove breathing in your favourite hot beverage?   Show us!

My second challenge is at  "PAPER ISSUES (FRIENDS & FANS)     I used the Scrap Soup
recipe while making this layout.   It was fun to get everything to work together.   My two squares are behind the corners of my two pictures, and I have two pumpkins, a die cut and a sticker.   Then plenty of cooking related stickers for the 4 embellishments and 8 sequins around the layout.   Believe it or not the first time I've used sequins.

Here is the link to "PAPER ISSUES (FRIENDS & FANS)"

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