Saturday, November 8, 2014


This year I actually got a lot of Halloween pictures to scrap, besides all the grandkids, I got pictures of all the big kids dressed up too.     In fact this layout shows the "2 Faces of Jason"    I started out with the mask but was scareing some of the younger kids that came to trick or treat so he ended up wearing this wig.    Thank you Jason for remembering your Mom wanted to Halloween pics to scrap and sending both of them to me.   :)

When I saw the sketch challenge at "Stuck on U Sketches"  for some reason it just screamed Halloween to me and I immediately visualized this solid orange strip down the middle from the sketch.     I'm sure there are many ways to go with this sketch so I'm sure I'll be using it again for something other than Halloween.    Check out the details   HERE   and the sketch is below.


  1. Hi I am new to the blog world and I was wondering how you get your layouts to link just the layout to the challenge site and not link to your whole blog. If you don't mind can you tell me how to do that? I have tried and can't figure it out. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Sharon

  2. I am so bad on giving directions. But I use blogger and after i finish my blog post I hit the publish button and then that takes me to a list of all the posts I have made. The recent post is the top one and under it there are tabs for edit, view, delete etc. I just click on "view" and that brings that post only up. the in the top lines box above everything where the name/info is I put my cursor to the right of last letter/word and click and that will highlight the entire field/line. Then I right click on that and that is my LINK to just that post that i put in the linky form wherever you are posting you blog post. i hope that is a little help to you. As I said I give bad directions.

  3. Thank you very much for your help.
    I appreciate it very much. Sharon

  4. WOW! Powerful page Barbara! Love the photo's, and the papers complement them perfectly! Thanks for joining us at SOUS! Great to see you as always xx

  5. Very fun buddy!
    Love the fun title and the bold pattern
    in the back! Great with those freaky pix!


  6. This is so cool! I love your amazing page!!!!

  7. So fun and filled with great color! Love the title too!