Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project Life to date

I tried a few weeks of Project Life pages last year but just could not get the hang of it and just didn't really enjoy it.    But with the a new year starting with 2014 I decided I was going to try it out and make an effort to do a complete year.   So the last week of January I made my title page.  Highlighting my home and family and my plans and goals for the upcoming year.

I didn't think there was anyway my everyday stay at home life would work for doing 2 pages a week so just so I would do the pages, I set my sights on making only 1 page per week and thought that I could manage and would be perfect for me to complete.   The first week covered antics of our new kitten Rose, Mizzou playing in a bowl game and our Prime Rib delayed New Years Eve dinner.

So week one went fine and onto week 2.     The big news this week was the cold and the snow.  Grandson Gibson had his 3rd b'day, we didn't see him on his birthday but wanted to mark it for the week as I plan to do that for all the grands and other members to during the year.   I also  had a lot of Home Owners board work to do, so included the post card I sent out this week.

My mind is changing on PL and guess what, I LOVE it.  So now I'm going to be doing 2 pages per week and really have more anymore fun with this type of scrapping.   I won't ever give up traditional scrapping but this sure is fun keeping a visual diary of the year.    Week 3, i covered work, relaxing at home, the fact that we traded our cars and have now leased 2 cars, both Buick LaCrosse but different colors,  also had to buy 2 new appliances for the kitchen, thank heavens for sales and 10% off if we use our Lowe's card.   Plus since I've fallen for PL scrapping I found a great deal on the close out sales at Archivers and got lots of misc. cards and page protectors.   A lot of different things going on this week so was fun to show the week in pictures and journaling.

Week 4 -  January 20th to 26th starts off at home and work and one awesome lunch (with lots of leftovers for the next couple of days) at our favorite BBQ place, Oklahoma Joes.   Then the highlight is the beginning of a road trip to Orlando to visit Barbara, Frank and Avery and see the new home they moved into last summer.      Arthur would prefer to drive cross country than fly, just because he can control the timing and start and stop whenever he wants.   Back in our traveling days for work a few years back when we would drive to NC or MS monthly we started listening to books on tape so I checked out 3 different ones to listen to on this road trip too.   Plus I took Avery's full scrapbook to them to keep and was fun looking through it all again with them page by page.

Week 5 was mostly of pictures of all the things we did in Florida and about some of our meals out etc etc.    Then ended up back home in time for Super Bowl and Ground Hog Day,    Plus had to include pictures for back to reality of a big grocery store run to restock and also remnants of the snow on there ground we came back to.    Also since this week started in January and ended in February I did a summary of the month of January on the highlights and this is also how I will recap monthly how many scrapbook layouts and cards that I made during the month.   Will be fun at year end how many I will make?    Any guesses???     The clue is.....  LOTS,   I'm a prolific scrapper.   :)

The news this week was back to bitter cold and 11" of snow.    It was my brothers 60th birthday so had to document that and include a throwback picture of him 40 years earlier.   I also got a good savings on gas from my fuel saver points at HyVee so saved that receipt to look back at in the future.
This week is also the beginning of 2 weeks of the Olympics.   I love watching The Olympics and see the opening ceremonies and all the pride on the faces of the athletes as they walk in.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm LOVING doing PL pages.    This week #7   February 10 thru Feb. 16 wasn't a busy week so the first page I just concentrated on my office/craft room because I spend the majority of every day in here, so just wanted to document some of the views I have while sitting at my desk.    This was also Valentine day during the week and of course made a card for Arthur and he actually got me a gift that totally surprised me,  I can usually figure out everything early but he surprised me this time.  I documented about our dinner out,  I totally forgot to take any pictures so just documented all we had.
I also received in the mail on Saturday the very biggest scrapbooking challenge prize that I have ever won.    I'll be using all of these supplies for a long time to come.    I've already shared some in RAKs so that was fun to do too.

So these are my pages to date.    I'm so excited I decided to try PL this year.   I LOVE IT !!!!


  1. Oh WOW!!! This great, I've not heard of Project Life Pages. It is a grand idea. I love what you have done so far. Keep it up :) I may have to keep this idea in mind... Just what I need another project, but it would get me in the room scrapboooking!

  2. Oh Barbara. This is a fantastic post!! I have really enjoyed seeing your PL pages each week and you are really inspiring me to get going. I cannot wait to get my pages together. Great job!!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. I encourage anyone who is on the fence to try Project Life to just jump in and do it, you won't be disappointed.

  4. Great job! I know you love to scrap and it's awesome that you're enjoying doing Project Life so much! TFS!