Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Take a Ride


I loved the sketch and I'm totally taken with using this big of a photo on a layout.   I tried desperately  to do the sunburst design in the sketch but failed miserably.   I think some of my problem was trying to use this straight striped papers.    But I real try again sometime when I have another big picture I want to scrap so for now this is my take on the single page sketch at   "STICK IT DOWN"

Well after having problems with the partial starburst pattern yesterday I went back today to work with what I had started.  (Luckily I didn't throw away the pieces)     This time it all worked out just fine.   I didn't have another picture that I wanted to print so big but I found these two I planned to scrap later and printed them bigger so they would fit the same format.

1 comment:

  1. I love both of your layouts! The simpler design with the straight strips complements the larger photo nicely! I also really like the mix of polka dots and stripes in your sunburst! Thanks for playing along with us at Stick it Down!