Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Me & Dad

My granddaughter is growing up so fast.  My son sent me so many pictures of their Florida vacation the end of June and I'm just starting to scrap them.   Luckily she still likes selfies with Dad and they took a lot, no so much with her big brother.  Getting ready to enter the teen years soon, selfies with Dad aren't considered cool anymore.   LOL

I will be entering this layout at  "SOUL SCRAPPERS"     Challenge RW22, the random word challenge.    Here is the list of words to chose from to use on your title.

                                                     Words to use:
                                          1. Yours truly
                                           2. I am...(chose a word)
                                           3. Favourites
                                           4. Growing up
                                           5. Me & Mom  or   Me & Dad
                                           6. Be You

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  1. Barbara I love this page! And you're right, my youngest son used to beg me to take his photo or do a selfie with him. Now he's 13 and I have to hunt for photos on his social media accounts lol.