Monday, January 4, 2016

Year End Recap for 2015 PL style

 I did 3 pages for my 2015 PL recap.   The first one I printed a 3x4 picture from something that stood out each month and typed a journaling strip about it.     January had all the grandparents together for our grandson's 3rd b'day in St. Louis.    February ended up being our last full month of work before retiring.  March we started a road trip to Vegas in back, so I have a pic for a March stop and then the stop at Grand Canyon on our way back in April.   May we had a 3 day family trip to Lake of the Ozarks,  June we bought a smoker and have used it non stop since.   July had another family road trip through 5 midwest states, this was a picture in the Wisconsin Dells,  August I got to go to two concerts, Tim McGraw in St. Louis and Foo Fighters in Kansas City,  September showcased a beautiful field of sunflowers outside of KC we went to see,  October was a road trip trip to Orlando and NY and I finally got to see the Statue of Liberty,   November we had family together in Columbia for Thanksgiving and December I got to have family here at our home in KC for Christmas.

Then I decided to do 2 another front back 4x6 page  just with some other highlights of the year.
Selling one family car and buying a retirement convertible, the birth of my one and only great nephew, my brothers first grandchild,    Being in Vegas with in-laws for and early birthday celebration,   an awesome hot air balloon ride Easter morning in Albuquerque, NM on our way home from road trip.   then 3 pictures of fun places we visited for the first time in Kansas City are during the year.

I had been hoarding this big camera diecut for ages, finally decided this was where to use it with my recap pictures.    We got to go to a Royals game in July with my daughter and son-in-law and his parents visiting from NY, then I also talk about winning the World Series.    An afternoon at the Rochefort Bluff Top Winery listening to my brothers band play and a surprise reunion seeing old hometown friends there too.     The whole group at a MN Twins baseball game, part of the surprise for my dad during our family road trip.   Then a food picture of a great meal on our NY trip just to journal about great meals out in town and out.    Then ending with my "The End" card.

Thanks for taking this 2015 recap with me.      Now on to New Year.      

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