Monday, November 2, 2015

PL title card

Welcome to a brand new challenge blog for making your own PL cards.    I have never really made my own cards,  added some embellishments to a card but that is about it.

But I was inspired to join the new team at the new sister blog to "Sketches In Thyme"
This blog is called  "SKETCHES IN THYME PROJECT LIFE STYLE"     I hope to see a lot of you
that enjoy project life to join into our weekly challenges to make your own PL card using the sketches that will be posted each week.

I'm on Team #1 and we are using sketches the next few months by Designer Shawn Lahr.

I started doing PL pages a little bit in 2013 for just special weeks,   Then in 2014 I did a full year of PL pages 2 pages per week and loved it.     But then for 2015 I decided I wasn't going to try and keep up with 2 pages per week and just do an ongoing 2015 PL style album.  I might have a page that covers one day on a vacation and then I might have a page that covers a 4 days and then next page will cover the following 2 weeks.    Anyway, I wasn't using weekly title pages like I had in 2014.
But when I got this sketch to work with I decided to go ahead and make a title page for my last week of 2015 for my final page in the week.         Plus I have decided for 2016 I am going to go back making 2 pages per week and using the weekly title pages, because I do love the look of them and that it gives a division to each week.    I might have a boring week, but I think what I'm also going to do is make one 4x6 card each week that will be more like a diary with daily entries for that week of what happened.    Might not have much to write about sometimes, but will be a recap of my year, even if it only has what we made for dinner or how much it snowed that day.    Should  be fun.

But enough about my past and future PL pages.    Please join in the fun each week with this great new blog and PL card creating.     Just go here to  "SKETCHES IN THYME PROJECT LIFE STYLE"     and read all about it.      Below is the first weeks sketch.    Hope you will play along can't wait to see what your card will  look like.


  1. A beautiful card to end the year with and to prepare for the new year. I love the colors you chosen too :) the inky edges really bring out the circles better too on the paper :)

  2. Nice card, Barbara! I love the hint of blue around some of the edges.