Thursday, March 22, 2012


It's been a busy day !!!!    I went shopping for some scrappy stuff, only bought one piece of  12x12 stickers of Authentique genuine.   Had a 30% coupon of Authentique.

Then went to Lowe's and bought a new light fixture for the bathroom downstairs.   The one they had there was ugly to say the least.   Plus we are going to repaint the room, so this was the time to do it.

We have had a week full of rain.    2 weeks ago we got some new landscaping and an irrigation system put in.   We decided we were to old to move hoses all around the yard to water it this summer.

But since then we have had close to 3" of rain.  

But today, it actually got sunny so I went out trimmed some more bushes and then got more grass seed, in the low spots and places the landscapers had filled in were so wet I thought seed was washing away, so a spread new seed all over those places and then a little more overseed over the entire yard.

So I'm beat now.   It's getting really black outside, so the rains will start again.   Suppose to rain tomorrow also and then finally clear for the weekend.    Hope all my seeding takes root and then before long it will be major mowing time.

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