Saturday, January 13, 2007


Some of us are stuck in Missouri in the winter. We have Jason and Susan and Kai in Kansas City, we have Barbara and Arthur and Zack in Missouri and we have all of Bruces and Dads dogs in Columbia. We are all here stuck in our respective home because of ICE yes folks thats ICE. We have electricity and we have food and water (we won't starve yet) but wait..... where are Bruce and Dad and Leslie. why they are in Australia. And what time of year is it in Australia???? Well I'll tell you it is summer and in the summer it is sunny and hot and there is no ice. You can get out and walk and drive and go and see, but alas here in MO where everyone is suppose to leave we are not experiencing that.

Ok, you there in OZ, post pictures, post messages, let us know what we are all truely missing. Of course we miss you all too.

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  1. hi grrammaaaa.

    i have new pics up on the post.

    I luv you,