Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nothing New

I keep checking everyone to see if anything new has been posted. Thank you Susan and Jason for a new post. Thank you Cadence for your new post.

Now Bruce and Leslie, I have hinted several times about you all posting some Toronto pictures. Know you all had fun but since I couldn't be there would at lesst like to see some pics of what I missed.

My news is nothing, just work on the road and work at home. We (Bruce, Dad, Arthur and I) are going to Chicago for 3 days next weekend (the 19th) for a pro golf tourney. It was Bruces idea and we are all looking forward to it. Go to the Natural History Museum Sat, and a Brazilian Steak House for dinner Sat. and the final day of the golf tourney on Sunday. So MAYBE when we get home I'll post some pics of that trip.

Till then, I'll keeping checking for updates from anyone.

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