Monday, May 22, 2006


Not everyone knows but it is official we are moving. Nope not out of town, but to Bruces' Cimarron house. As of a week ago the process has started. Painters are there now, new carpet goes in June 1st and then after a LAST work trip to NC and then a couple of days of working in MS. We will have movers move us on June 16th, that is a Friday and then we have a long weekend to settle in, we will work the following week in Missouri with no overnights, so it will be the perfect time. We wanted to get in about 10 days earlier but w/ work schedule just couldn't make it work.
The movers will be moving furniture and a few boxes. We are moving things to storage and the garage as a staging area now. Plus the kitchen is practically all moved into a present. (It's been a busy week) Since the kitchen walls are wallpaper and don't need paint, I have already set up all the cabinets and got stuff into there.
Well I have now posted the last 2 post of all the family so everyone, please please POST something new.

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