Tuesday, April 18, 2006

9 days in Missouri

Believe it or not we have about 9 days straight in Missouri.

Whatever will we do......so far the same......
We have done tons of computer work in prep for next trip and finishing up odds and ends from last trip.
We have started to do some spring cleaning, which at this point means, cleaning the corners of all the rooms, rearranging some odds and ends, washing all knick knacks so they shine and then the ordinary stuff a little heavier, dusting, vaccuuming and all that fun stuff. Oh yeah and we also recovered all cat toys that were under couches and furniture, (made the cats happy) which is always a good thing. They look so happy when we come off the road and spend some time with them.
Haven't gotten into planting flowers, because we hope to be out of this house in the summer, so don't want to do a lot here.
But........we have relaxed some, we went to a great Easter Brunch at Boone's Tavern with Dad and Bruce and then back to Bruces to just sit outside and relax. Arthur even got to lay in the hammock and nap, which was well deserved.
We have had 2 nites at home to catch up on TIVO and will do more so tonight, we commented last night, we are almost living like regular people, we watched TV 2 nites in a row, cooked dinner at home last night with plans to do the same tonight ( I don't remember when we have had 2 homecooked meals in a row) But tomorrow don't worry, we aren't getting that mundane we plan to eat out at the Lake.
Today we work here in Columbia and tomorrow at Lebanon and that is it for the week for Tri-State disability. Arthur is working Mon, Thur, and Fri. here in town with Dr. Travis and yesterday I went to RaceWerX and did some accounting stuff, will do the same on Thursday. Call me weird, but I really miss that type of work.
Ok, speaking of boring, I'm sure if you have stayed this long you are bored too.
To Jason and Susan, I dreamed last night I got a letter from Susan telling me they had picked the name for the baby. Let's just say this I hope it was just a bad dream.
To Leslie, hang in there, work hard, you will be home soon.

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