Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Elle by the Week

I'm having so much fun making the layouts out of the weekly "birthday" pictures my daughter posts on their baby Elle.     She posts each weekly picture to Facebook and then also writes a paragraph about the week as if Elle is telling the weeks story.   I  LOVE it.   So I decided to share here on my blog how I am documenting those pictures.   I started off by doing a double page when I decided to make the layouts so that is how I am continuing.    You will see that as my last page is waiting for the next 3 weeks of pictures.   Week #16 will be this Thursday.    I really look forward to Thursdays now.

Here are my layouts so far.   Week 1 through 5

Week 6 through 12

Week 13 through 15 and then the page where the next 3 weeks will go.

Then a couple of pages of the baby photo album I bought and this is where  I'm keeping the weekly pictures plus retyping what the Facebook post is each week.    The album is big enough also after all the weekly pictures will go in.  I started doing the monthly pictures.    They will continue the weekly pics on the nursery area rug with the stuffed chimps and the monthly pictures are all being taken "sitting" in the chair in the nursery.    This way they can also see how she grows week to week and month to month.     I had bought this stickers while my daughter was pregnant to use in monthly pictures, but since they got an app to write on the actual pictures each month, she gave the stickers back to me to use on layouts.   Worked out great for this.

You might have picked up that I'm a bit crazy about my newest grand-daughter,  my son's 2 kids are in Texas so don't get to see them nearly enough plus they will be 9 and 11 this year.   Elle is just 2 hours away and I was in the delivery room with her Mom and Dad when she was born so that just bonded us a little more.  Mom had to go back to work after 3 months so I babysat Elle the first two days of work Thursday and Friday before they started her in daycare that Monday.   It made the adjustment for Mom a bit easier knowing that I was with her the first couple of days of her away.

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Dawn Parker said...

Super cute and fun layouts. Elle is such a cutie.