Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Silas & Remy

Not everybody I know has a pet rat but my niece does so now Remy the Rat is also the in-house
pet for Silas.   He is really curious and luckily also very gentle with him to pet and play with.

I'm entering this challenge at  "SCRAPBOOK CHALLENGES"    The March challenge pattern is
chevrons and my whole background paper is chevrons.


  1. So adorable! Thanks for playing at SBC!

  2. Good job, and thanks for joining us at SBC!

  3. Great layout, Barbara! I'm not sure I would want a pet rat, but Silas looks like he doesn't mind! Thanks so much for joining us at SBC!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments everyone. I don't think I would want a pet rat either. They first had two but Luna died before Silas was born. I'm glad they posted these pictures and I made a layout of them because just a few days ago Remy died too. :(

  5. Definitely an interesting story to document! Great layout you made. Thanks for joining us at SBC! Sorry to hear about Remy :(