Sunday, January 17, 2016

Man's Best Friend

I just love this picture of my Dad and his two dogs.   They are best friends and companions.
I wanted to do something special with this picture and when I saw the sketch  at "ELLE'S STUDIO" 
I knew it was perfect because I could enlarge the picture and make it prominent in my layout.
Plus I had the perfect paper from the Elle's Studio collection - Serendipity.    Because it was serendipity that this one piece of paper had the word "Cherish" on it because  Dad had always cherished his pets.   Through the years there have been many as Dad is 92 now and they have all been loved.   The one on his lap is named "Precious" and my brother and I surprised him with this dog and then about a year later my daughter was with us and we went to the shelter and before you knew it the two of them had picked out "Freckles" and was adopted and brought home to complete the family.

Here is the sketch I used and click on the link for "ELLE'S STUDIO" for all the details and also see what Jen did with sketch.    The deadline is January 27th.

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