Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 27 PL pages

Going to show a lot more detail today than I usually do on my posts.   This is for the latest PL challenge at Stuck On You Sketches.     The new challenge is BUTTONS.   I had pretty well finished page one of my PL page for last week but hadn't started on the 2nd page although per usual I pretty well knew what I was going to do picture wise for the week.    One week a month I put a calendar on my weekly title page and luckily I already had it on this week and also lucky I had numbered the days with small numbers so I was able to add a small shaped button to each day of the week for this week.

We adopted a new kitten the end of May and "Reggie" is my buddy and is rarely away from me.
I had taken this picture the first part of the week of him on my desk, actually napping, then Saturday I attempted to take a nap, but it seems Reggie rested better than I did.   As I was taking selfies of how it usually looks every night when I sleep and now I can't even sneak in a nap by myself.
I added a heart button and two small buttons on my journal card and then I found this word button in my stash that I just had to add to the nap picture as I do love this kitten and he does love me.

This was also a big week for me and Pinterest, I spent a lot of time pinning new ideas on my boards so I decided to print a Pinterest logo for one pic this week and journal about it and then got to add another shaped button and also regular buttons to this part of my page.

This journaling card one on page one of my pages about the pictures there and I just added a button to it, to stay with the theme.

Check out all the details   HERE   and add your PL pages too.    Its a fun challenge to do.


Sandi said...

Wow! Awesome job Barbara!! I love your pages and all the little details. Reggie sure is a little lover. Great use of the button challenge.

Ruth G said...

I love how you used the buttons to show which week you were on with your PL. Super cute! I love your pictures of Reggie, too! What a great way to remember what he was like as a kitten! Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the challenge!

Tina Campbell said...

super cute pages and really love the fun embellishments you added to the cards :)Have fun with Reggie :) I do miss having a cat but the dogs are plenty :)

Vicki said...

Wonderful pages. Love how you used so many buttons.

simplybren said...

Really love this. You sure got a lot of buttons on there.the picture of you and Reggie is just too sweet. Like the idea of adding a pinterest logo!

Cherished said...

Great page. Love all the buttons. Thanks for playing at SOUS.

Darcy said...

You do a great job with project life! I love the different button shapes! Thank you for sharing with us at SOUS!

Stephanie Eaken said...

Awesome spread! I love all the shaped buttons. Thanks for playing at SOUS!

Leah Schaeffer said...

Hello! This is great and you had the BEST use of buttons! Totally perfect!
SOOOO glad you shared! Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leah Schaeffer said...

Hello! This is great and you had the BEST use of buttons! Totally perfect!
SOOOO glad you shared! Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!