Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pizza Time

I've been fighting a cold but I did get to make this layout this morning.      My granddaughter has her favorite pizza place to go to and she will eat anything on it.    This was chicken, pineapple and red onions.     One time when I took her alone, I ordered her chicken, red onions, black olives and artichoke hearts, because the time before we had gone she ate her pizza plus most of the artichoke hearts and black olives out of my salad.    I know when I was 2 1/2 I sure didn't know what artichoke hearts were, much less that they were good.   I doubt I had never had a black olive for many years to come either.

I used Sketch #386 from    "SKETCHES IN THYME"  for this layout because I could pick two of the three pictures I took of her that night eating her pizza.   Designer Elizabeth made this sketch.

Here is the sketch and link to  "SKETCHES IN THYME"  

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