Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bloom and Grow

Living on a lake and relatively out in the country we have learned that to have pretty flowers through the summer we need to pot them all and leave them on our deck or boat dock.   Because if we plant anything, other than a few shrubs and a couple of rose bushes, the rabbits and deer at some time during the summer will start feasting.  

We bought the majority of the flowers we will pot for the season this last weekend at our favorite nursery in Columbia, MO,  Strawberry Hills.    Then yesterday I spent the day putting together various pots.

I'm going to enter this layout at  "LASTING MEMORIES"  for challenge #440.   It was the first of the weekly challenges for this April.

LM #440 - Lawn and Garden Month

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Lasting Memories! We are so happy that you are here today.

Today is the start of a new theme and a new set of challenges. DT member Tina is hosting our challenges this month! The theme that she has chosen is - Holiday Insights for Interesting Prompts - so we will be focusing on some of the not-so-well-known holidays in April. Here is the first challenge of the month:

April is Lawn and Garden Month and nothing says springtime more than the sprouts and shoots of a garden.

LM #440 - Create a layout about your yard in April

We want to see what your yard looks like. Are your flowers in full bloom or are they just starting to bud? Do you put out a garden each year? Maybe you don't have a yard but you love to look at the flowers out in the stores this time of year, or maybe there's a yard in your neighborhood that you love...


  1. This is wonderful and just perfect for the Lasting Memories Challenge! Thanks so much for playing along! :)