Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

I see I havent' posted in ages so here goes. Just returned from KC. We went there yesterday early morning (Sat.) got to Jason's and Susans in time to take a quick look at the nursery furniture all set up and the on to the baby shower. We went over an hour early to set up things. Arthur stayed at their house and worked on the laptop getting things ready for us for work the next 2 weeks.
The shower was great. Susan made beautiful orchid arragements for the food area and then tulip arrangements for the tables for all the guests. The food was great and was so attractive display along with a delicious cake, both white and chocolate.
We played the usual shower games and watched as they opened gifts. Jason got misty eyed (as did some guests) when they opened a gift I had wrapped from Mom (Meme) of the first hand knit afagan she had knit when I was pregnant with Jason. The shower was great and I would post pictures, but I got to the shower and realized I didn't have my camera. The last thing before leaving I did was put in a new charged battery and then I sat down the camera on the counter and never picked it up again. Needless to say I wasn't happy. Jason does have pictures and hopefully he will post soon.

We stayed last night at Crown Center Hyatt and walked over to Crown Center for dinner and then just had an early relaxing evening. This morning we met Jason and Susan for an early lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Luckily we decided to get there early, actually arrived 15 min. before they opened) got right in and when we left about 11:00 there must have been at least 60 people waiting for tables.

We are home now, unpacked and ready to do nothing but catch up on TIVO and relax.

If I learn how to post pics, my next post will include pictures of something. :)

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