Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Big day in Ahoskie, NC

Just when I thought Ahoskie could not get anymore boring.....................
I was just entering the very last bit of data for the patient that was there and I hear her gasp, I look over, she is clutching her chest, gasping, trying to breath, she grabbed my arm and I thought she might break it. Meanwhile I call out for Arthur, he looks in the room and shouts call 911. But then she starts to relax, pain subsides, she describes pain as crushing on her chest, down through her left arm to her fingers, she is still holding her chest and saying it hurts but not as much. The other woman working in the office we use, is on the phone talking to 911 operator, ( the hospital is literally across the street ) the chiropractor who has the office, goes out front to get the girls mother. She comes back and is quite calm, saying, "baby is this a bad one, does it hurt worse than it usually does. Meanwhile my hand is numb from her clutching it. So we hear the siren and we go to back door to open it and then once again she has an attack, so there I am in there basically alone with her. Her Mom has stepped out into hall so paramedics will have room to get into exam room.
So they talk to her, ask questions, her blood pressure was sky high, I had taken it 5 min. before and it was 198/119. They ask about that and take her away, they stay outside for a long time and then go away from hospital to end of block to turn around and then I hear siren again a minute later and they are now rushing to hospital. So I don't know what happened to her.
It was quite the experience.

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  1. Well, I guess she wasn't faking! How old was she? Was she overweight?