Friday, March 17, 2006

Note to Lippy

Dearest Lippy,

I was going to write something at midnight last night when we got home from Mississippi, but couldn't get anything to work right.
But it would have been something like this................

My most dearest Leslie,
Here is a new post. It is MIDNIGHT, I got up at 6:00 had breakfast at 6:30, was at work at 7:30, at 4:00 we left Oxford, MS, without a break all day, had lunch at 4:10 and then drove 7 1/2 hours to Columbia. Oh yeah, dinner was a McDonalds milkshake some where in Arkansas.
Enough of this frivolity, now I have a good 1 1/2 of work to do here, to finish our day and then I'm going to bed. No I am not bitchy, no I am not tired, I'm just trying to make my little girl happy.

Love, MOM "Our commanding sense of humor must run in the family" :)

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